the menu in english


forest mushroom soup with black beans,
fennel, smoked olive oil, filo pastry chips
and winter purslane   16,50 #



fried spätzle with a sauce of smoked cauliflower and truffle, romanesco, roasted cherry tomatoes, red onion
with cheese cream, fried capers and almonds  19,50


beid bi banadoura (tomato, egg, onion and garlic),
bulgur with halloumi and mint, apricot-pumpkin compote,
slow-cooked courgette, artichoke and chard  19,50


martabak (indonesian pastry filled with seasoned tempeh),
blanched vegetables with sambal katjang, yellow rice,
roedjak and chips of belindjoe fruits  16,50 #


# = vegan
(#) = vegan on request