the menu in english

3-course menu

Appetizer, main course and

dessert of your choice






Crispy baby potatoes with macadamia, parmesan cheese and watercress 8,00


Goat cheese cream, tomato salad, cucumber consommé, puffed quinoa and dill 8,00


White asparagus strings with salty vegetables, miso sauce and sesame V 8,00


Oriental soup of maïs and eggplant with lime and coriander V 7,00



Main course


Roasted white asparagus with wild garlic ravioli, lemon beurre blanc, breadcrumbs and smoked mozzarella 18,50


Spelt “risotto” with taleggio, green asparagus, smoked almonds and a poached egg 18,50


Waffle of parsnip with stir fried vegetables, curry-coconut sauce, puffed chickpeas and thai basil V 18,50


Rendang of jackfruit, vennelrice, peanuts, sweet and sour vegetables, coriander and limeleaf V 18,50





Buttermilk ice cream with rhubarb, white chocolate crumble and meringue 7,50


Rice pudding with coconut milk, passion fruit granita and almond victoria V 7,50


Strawberry mousse with oreo crumble, mandarin sorbet and elderflower V 7,50


Three cheeses with homemade panforte 8,25


V = vegan