Menu (EN)

3-course menu 32,-


Appetizer-, main course and dessert of your choice


Bread with farm butter 3,5
Bread with hummus 3,5 V
Olives 3,- V
Small samosa with mango chutney and coriander 2,3 (per piece) V
Mushroom 'bitterbal' with mustard 1,8 (per piece)
Smoked beetroot with potato rösti, black garlic cream and beurre noisette 8,5
Parsnip and sweet potato with onion vinaigrette, lovage and peanuts 8,3 L
Rosemary waffle with roasted eggplant, bell pepper, olive crumbs and chervil 8,- V
Mushroom broth with seaweed, sesame and smoked olive oil 7,- V
Main courses
Pasta of spinach with romanesco, parmesan cheese and a sauce of pumpkin and orange 18,5
Lentil stew with mushrooms, garlic crumble, poached quail eggs and old goat cheese 18,5
Red potato curry with edamame beans, crispy corn, lime and coriander 18,5 V
Roasted carrots with saffron sauce, fregola, bell pepper and almonds 18,5 V
Blueberry ice cream with vanilla yoghurt, sponge cake and earl grey 7,8
Rice pudding with banana and coconut, spiced bisquit crumble and pineapple granita 7,6 V
Pear sorbet with eau de vie, chocolate brownie and ganache 7,8 L
Cheese platter with three cheeses and home made panforte 8,5

V = vegan

L = lactose free